My name is Jessica Gotkin, I am a Minneapolis based potter specializing in handmade stoneware and porcelain pottery. In 2015 I received my bachelor of arts degree in sociology and studio arts from the University of Minnesota. Since graduating I have been studying and continuing my work in clay at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts (MCFTA). I am also a ceramics studio assistant and youth instructor at the MCFTA.

My work is influenced by ancient and traditional arts and crafts from around the world. I am interested in various methods of building, decorating and firing. I use a number of different clay bodies and firing techniques: stoneware and porcelain clays fired in a soda, woodfire or gas kiln. 


Growing up in the Midwest I feel the most peaceful and at home among the trees, surrounded by water and blanketed under the starry night sky. Taking cues from nature I apply texture to create surface patterns, reveal shapes and apply colors reminiscent of these familiar landscapes.  
My work comes from the ceramic craft tradition of wheel thrown vessels but moves beyond strictly functional pottery. Simple familiar shapes made of fine porcelain chosen for its smooth translucent qualities are altered in a way that transcends utilitarian wares.  
In the design of my vessels and sculptures I consider the way light interacts with the form, penetrating the surface to reveal texture and illuminating the piece. 
The intention of my work is to convey a sense of wonder, of calm, of balance, of ties to the natural word.

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